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Which plancha is right for me?

The plancha material and thickness is crucial for maintaining the extreme heat needed for plancha cooking as well as for its even heat distribution. The surface temperature sinks once food is placed onto the plancha. If hobby chefs want to cook for family and friends during their leisure time, a thinner plancha is sufficient, since time can be allowed for the heat to regain its full power before placing new items onto the surface. However, restaurant chefs or those not wishing to wait between steps, should choose a plancha whose heat remains consistent; these planchas are much thicker and heavier.


Rule of thumb: When comparing products from a specific manufacturer, the more professional equipment will be more expensive than the same manufacturer's basic models. But when comparing planchas across all manufacturers, price is not always indicative of a better-made product!


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Plancha in Donegal
See here for more information on the soon to be released recipe & information book with all you need to know about this new and exciting way of outdoor cooking!

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