Cleaning the plancha

The biggest plus: easy cleaning!
The cleaning process is the biggest plus when it comes to plancha cooking: it's done in a jiff, as there is no scrubbing, scraping or soaking. First, use the spatula to remove any larger bits of food. Then carefully douse the hot plancha with a glass of water...


Plancha Surfaces

Porcelain-enamelled cast iron
Outstanding heat retention, even heat distribution, food rarely sticks to surface. Manufacturers of quality products guarantee the surface for up to 10 years. Look for a heavy, solid design.

Rolled steel plancha griddle
With carbon rolled steel 6 mm-thick griddle plate. With 3 cm high sides.

Rolled steel plancha griddle DELUXE
Removable 6 mm-thick with carbon rolled steel griddle plate. With 6 cm high sides and ventilation grill to protect flame from wind. Piezoelectric ignition.

Polished steel griddle
12 mm-thick polished carbon steel griddle plate for those who are serious about cooking. With 4.5 cm high sides for ease of use in cooking.

Chromed plancha griddle
18 mm-thick alloy steel griddle plate with a 50 micron hard chrome coating. Sides are welded to the upper part of the griddle plate to achieve better sealing.


Plancha in Donegal
See here for more information on the soon to be released recipe & information book with all you need to know about this new and exciting way of outdoor cooking!

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