Super easy cleaning

Take care not to burn yourself when pouring the water, as the rising steam is very hot! Ice cubes are much better suited for the cleaning process; they serve the purpose just as well and are safer since less steam rises at once.


Whether from melting ice cubes or poured from a glass, the water catches small food particles effortlessly, attracting them and carrying them toward the liquid tray. As the water cleans the surface, help the process along by simply pushing the water (or ice cubes) toward the liquid tray with your spatula.


The liquid tray is seldom built into the body. Usually it is hung on, or fixed to, the front, side or back. The container should be big enough to accommodate larger amounts of liquid. If you have ever fried duck breasts, you know that there is quite a large amount of fat that runs off. It's also best to avoid having to handle hot containers for the purpose of emptying them in the middle of cooking!


Cleaning with water or ice cubes doesn't take much time and is very thorough. All tastes and smells are neutralized through this process and no further cleaning is required.


Plancha in Donegal
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