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March 2014 – A la Plancha - in Donegal
Soon to be published: the first compehensive book on plancha cooking.


The first comprehensive English book on PLANCHA cooking, written by Mona Leone, Germany’s no. 1 professional in plancha cooking, in cooperation with renown Chef Chris Sandford. A book with all you need to know if you are new to the world of plancha appealing to both food lovers and professional chefs with 50 recipes and 80 images. Read more...

Mamma’s little gem

(serves 3-5 persons)


1 Aubergine cut into ¼ inch slices

French bread, sliced thickly


For the marinade:

100 ml olive oil or a good rapeseed oil



50 ml balsamic vinegar, dark colour

1 clove of garlic, pressed

Fresh basil as much as you like, chopped


Mix all ingredients thoroughly.


Brown the aubergine slices slightly on the Plancha (or a frying pan). Turn them after one or two minutes and sprinkle with marinade, turning the slices once again. After a short while add marinade again and turn. You might want to marinade for a third time before placing the now cooked aubergine slices on the toasted French bread slices. See if you can manage without salt, but if you use any, add a pinch of a good salt from the sea or mountains. Serve immediately and even more important: eat immediately! I hope you enjoy my Italian mamma's little gems just as much as I do!


And there you have it, a great little savoury dish and is it delicious...?


So happy cooking 



Plancha in Donegal
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