Outdoor cooking promoting Donegal & tourism with cross-over recipes

The first comprehensive English book on PLANCHA cooking, written by Mona Leone, Germany’s no. 1 professional in plancha cooking, in cooperation with renown Chef Chris Sandford.


A book with all you need to know if you are new to the world of plancha appealing to both food lovers and professional chefs. The book features Ireland’s picturesque county Donegal taking you from Jerry’s fish monger at Killybegs harbour to the fantastic beaches of Cruit Island, from the stone circle in Raphoe to fishing in the river Derg or cooking inmidth the wide rapeseed oil fields on both sides of the border - unique images that introduce a stunning outdoor experience for both locals and visitors tickling more than just the visual sense. The recipes are not in the usual Mediterranean style, rather cross-over instead using Irish, hence country specific ingredients and tastes, preparing them a la plancha.


The high quality finish book consists of 140 pages, 20 x 20 cm format with hard, glossy cover, selling at 19,95 Euro / 15 GBP.


Outdoor footage with dual purpose


Plancha cooking is an outdoor experience that lends itself to be presented in combination with stunning landscape no better to be found as in Ireland`s Northwest.



  • 50 Recipes for starters, main courses and desserts, with basic ideas underpinning the plancha concept, all illustrated with high quality food images.
  • Specials on salt and oil promoting local and Irish produce, e.g. Donegal Rapeseed Oil, herbs, sea salts, or specials on filleting fish or preparing chicken breast for plancha cooking, etc.
  • Impressions from Ireland depicting landscape photos of Killybegs, castles both ruins and restored, different beach and inland scenes etc.
  • Information on cooking a la plancha and barbecue, including a glossary of terms used in the plancha and barbecue scene
  • Tips on how you can find the right plancha for your needs and what to look for when purchasing one
  • Practical guidance on how to cure and maintain the plancha griddle



Plancha in Donegal
See here for more information on the soon to be released recipe & information book with all you need to know about this new and exciting way of outdoor cooking!

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