Plancha Accoutrements

Sweet Inspirations

Granulated sugar for all round use a la plancha, any kind of cooking & baking.

Highly decorative with the extra shade in taste.


Plancha Medleys
Saltless ready to go mix. Only add hot water and all types of liquids resulting in spectacular presentations a la plancha or every day cooking. Ideal base for sauces, marinades, pasta or couscous dishes, risottos, or any culinary creation with ist surprising ease of use.

Speckled Salts
Natural sea salts destinctively refined for effortless variation of dishes, vegetables, fish, meats & poultry, oils or butter.


Plancha in Donegal
See here for more information on the soon to be released recipe & information book with all you need to know about this new and exciting way of outdoor cooking!

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