What is Plancha?

Cooking a la plancha is an exciting, relatively new method of cooking in Ireland and the UK which provides a fresh and unique way to prepare food. Its main features are:

  • Plancha is to ‘barbecue like the Spaniards’, which involves cooking at a very high temperature around 280 or 300ºC (flash cooking).
  • Dousing with oils, fruit and vegetable juices, alcohols, and marinades.
  • Quick and easy cleaning that neutralizes all flavours whether from melting ice cubes or poured from a glass with no scrubbing, scraping or soaking required. Read more...
  • Plancha ismore than just eating healthy – you’ll actually taste the difference!
  • Ideal for cooking prawns, calamari, all kinds of fish, courgette slices, vegetable mixes and fruit, this style broils food from the outside while the juices remain locked inside.
  • Liquids don´t evaporate. Instead, they ‘hover’ on the heat wave. Aromas, spices and herbs transform directly from the solid phase to the gas phase (physical term ‘sublimation’) impregnating the food with their unique taste.
  • Remainingliquid components flow into the liquid tray or cup. Nothing boils, bubbles, ignites, or simmers, but rather broils from the outside while the food juices are locked inside.

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Plancha in Donegal
See here for more information on the soon to be released recipe & information book with all you need to know about this new and exciting way of outdoor cooking!

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